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Breck’s Refrigeration is the only South African company specialising in the professional installation of self-contained waterloop systems, and is trusted to install this system on behalf of Omega Refrigeration. The waterloop system is unique in its design as each cabinet has its own self-contained refrigeration unit with an on-board variable-speed compressor. This is installed in a box either on top or under the cabinet. This means that the heat of condensation that the compressor generates is not released into the surrounding environment, as it is carried outside by a waterloop system to a simple dry cooler.

In terms of installation, the system layout within a store or supermarket can be changed with ease. These systems are therefore flexible, while saving you time, money and energy.  The refrigerant required in this system is far less, and there is a much lower rate of leakages, because they are small factory tested units that work well in various temperatures.

Features That Will Benefit Your Store Refrigeration:

  • A guaranteed high efficiency system
  • Enables faster store set-up and lower costs
  • Greater flexibility with regards to layout modification
  • Less space required for refrigeration systems
  • Far less refrigerant required in the system
  • Possible integration with the air-conditioning
  • Less maintenance of refrigeration system required

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