Refurbished Refrigeration Cabinets

We refurbish old refrigeration cabinets and supply them looking and functioning like new, to replace your current old cabinets and avoid minimum down-time. Our pre-refurbished cabinets allows us to smoothly transition your store refrigeration revamp.


Breck’s Refrigeration’s cabinet refurbishment service saves you money while positively impacting the environment. Old cabinets are made to look and work like new thanks to our dedicated refurbishment department, and this can be a saving grace. You may want to revitalise your store with new display cabinets, but perhaps new is not necessary, as our refurbished equipment is as good as new.

Transform your old cabinets and breathe new life into your store at a fraction of the price that expensive new cabinets would cost. Our cabinet refurbishment service is provided at our own factory, as well as on-site at stores when this is necessary to minimise the impact of the refurbishment on your business. As required, changes and modifications to the cabinets which are being refurbished can be tested and approved in the controlled environment of our very own dedicated refurbishment factory, ensuring absolute quality for your cabinets.

Our vast experience within the refrigeration installation and servicing industry alerted us to a gap in the market in which cost-saving could be promoted through cabinet refurbishment. Introducing this concept to stores has effectively increased our customer base by providing more options than a new installation which is simply too costly for some stores.

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